Shakespeare Speaks: Ye Olde Verbes

Today, I discuss Shakespeare’s weird verbs that end in “eth” and “est”. When do we use these weird endings, exactly? Find out here!
And as promised, a link to info about the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, which does over a dozen wonderful shows a year in a four-theater complex in the adorable town of Stratford, Ontario:
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Shakespeare Speaks!

Shakespeare Speaks is the new language segment, which will largely be a Wednesday experience (yay fact-y day). I promise that this is the longest/wonkiest it will ever get, I just really wanted to get this out of the way. I promise the video is worth it for the credits’ song choice. Promise. And again, the language segment will get shorter/snappier/less-wonky over time, I just wanted to make this point quickly before getting into more bite-size issues. If you have any questions about Shakespeare that you’d like answered on the show, be sure to email me at!