Shakespeare Answers: Why Are You Called Cassius?

In this episode, I discuss the selection of my moniker “Cassius”, both from the artistic and personal perspectives. And speaking of “Cassius”, here is a selection of other places where you might follow me for even more Shakespearey goodness (that is less likely to be targeted for removal than Youtube, so I do recommend these)!

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Shakespeare Answers: What About Fleance?

Cassius takes on the question of Fleance – why isn’t he in the finale of Macbeth? Should he be? Cassius doesn’t think so.

And as promised, a link to the Slings and Arrows season 2 theme – if you haven’t seen the show, just see this intro and try to resist this hilarious show:

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Why Isn’t Hamlet the King?

Hey everyone, join me for Episode one of “Shakespeare Answers,” where we will be discussing an issue that comes to us from the world of Hamlet (and the inquisitive mind of my friend Ben Ehrenreich). And remember, if you have any questions like this that you’d like answered on the show, drop me a line at