2 comments on “Shakespeare’s Top Dads!

  1. Word Wizard says:

    I disagree with your take on Lord Capulet as a poor father who browbeats his daughter. He seems to me to be quite concerned to find out if his daughter has some good reason not to want Paris, but when she refuses to give any reason besides I’m too young, which isn’t true, he loses patience. If she had only said “The reason I don’t want to marry Paris is that I’m already married”, and told him to whom, he would have been delighted to have a great way to end the feud he had never wanted in the first place–never started or subscribed to–and there would have been a happy ending. WHY Juliet wouldn’t come clean escapes me, except that then there would be no tragedy–That’s why I don’t care for the (badly constructed) play….but Lord Capulet is a fine father.

    • Chevy says:

      As a dad, I really enjoyed your parsing of the staff side of parenting.

      Background seems a little dark, not in keeping with the theme, but with your black hair and dress . . . !


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