Shakespeare Themes: Richard II Title Drama

In Shakespeare’s “Richard II,” on my mind due to the recent airing of “The Hollow Crown”‘s adaptation of the play, there are many moments where one character will critique another’s use of names or titles. “What did you just call me” seems to be a sentiment common to these moments, and there’s a very plot-relevant reason why, as I explore in this episode of “Shakespeare Themes”.

3 comments on “Shakespeare Themes: Richard II Title Drama

  1. Word Wizard says:

    You referred to the current-day succession, but neglected to provide a family tree so that those of us not obsessed with modern-day non-ruling royalty could figure out what you were talking about.
    You also forgot to explain Biden’s acronym.

  2. My apologies! Here is a family tree:
    And Biden’s acronym means “Big F____ Deal” – almost always used unironically.

  3. […] Bonus: Cassius talks about the importance of Titles in Richard II. […]

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