31 Days, 31 Villains: #8-#7, The Macbeths

We dig further into the top ten with the regicidal duo of Mr. and Lady Macbeth – bad people, bad rulers, ambitious, mentally unstable, and viciously insecure, they’re a match made in hell and do a number on their nation.

The Villains so far:
#31 – Iachimo, Cymbeline
#30 – Saturninus, Titus Andronicus
#29 – Cloten, Cymbeline
#28, #27 – Chiron and Demetrius, Titus Andronicus
#26 – Caliban, The Tempest
#25 – Shylock, Merchant of Venice
#24 – Cassius, Julius Caesar
#23 – Proteus, Two Gentlemen of Verona
#22 – Duke Frederick, As You Like It
#21 – Don John, Much Ado About Nothing
#20 – Duke of Buckingham, Richard III
#19 – Antonio, The Tempest
#18 – Dionyza, Pericles
#17 – The Queen, Cymbeline
#16 – Leontes, A Winter’s Tale
#15 – Antiochus, Pericles
#14 – Duke of Cornwall, King Lear
#13 – Oliver, As You Like It
#12 – Queen Margaret, Henry VI and Richard III
#11, #10 – Goneril and Regan, King Lear
#9 – Claudius, Hamlet

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2 comments on “31 Days, 31 Villains: #8-#7, The Macbeths

  1. wordwizardw says:

    I played Lady Macbeth yesterday, and speaking for her, I don’t think I was such a great villain. I only urged my husband to make so something that was already fated, that HE wanted. I couldn’t even bring myself to actually kill the king myself, and I couldn’t live with what we had done, afterwards.

    My husband was not such a great villain, either. Yes, he got the kingship by unfair means, but after that, he was only trying to maintain his kingship after he had been anointed as a king, and was thus chosen by God for the sacred task. If you think it is easy holding things together under attack by one’s own citizens, YOU try it.

  2. Hahahahah love it! Well, I think that together you make a good villain!

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