31 Days, 31 Villains: #24, Cassius

On today’s Villain Countdown episode, we cover a character who is close to my heart.

The Villains so far:
#31 – Iachimo, Cymbeline
#30 – Saturninus, Titus Andronicus
#29 – Cloten, Cymbeline
#28, #27 – Chiron and Demetrius, Titus Andronicus
#26 – Caliban, The Tempest
#25 – Shylock, Merchant of Venice

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Shakespeare Answers: Why Are You Called Cassius?

In this episode, I discuss the selection of my moniker “Cassius”, both from the artistic and personal perspectives. And speaking of “Cassius”, here is a selection of other places where you might follow me for even more Shakespearey goodness (that is less likely to be targeted for removal than Youtube, so I do recommend these)!

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